12.06.04 - Hoya’s chat with fans on Infinite’s official fancafe

OK, so after Woohyun & Sunggyu…now we have Hoya’s chat with fans ^^ it seems that Sunggyu did keep the promise that he will tell the other members to come to the fancafe and chat with fans as well.

Hoya’s nickname during the chat is "hohoho" and his typing text’s color is purple ^^.

- Fans flooded the chatroom with questions whether he is really Hoya or not and Hoya was like “Eung…I’m indeed Hoya oppa”

- He asked fans “What are you doing right now and not sleeping ?” and “Have you guys eaten yet ?” and there were some fans who said they havent eat yet so Hoya was like “Why havent you eaten yet ?”, some fans asked him whether he has eaten or not and he said yes.

- A fan said she was eating with her injured hand and Hoya was like “Why did you get hurt ㅜ”, some fans asked him what did he has for meal and Hoya said it’s “계란말이” (egg roll).

- Hoya said his sitcom filming is going on well.

- A fans asked him if there is any member next to him and he said he’s alone

- There are fans from various range of age in the chatroom so Hoya was like giving support to all of them and he was like “jikding-pirit” (Inspirit who are business people), “Those who have tests fighting!!!”, “joongding-pirit (Inspirit who are junior high students) fighting !”, “koding-pirit (Inspirit who are high school student) fighting”, “namja-pirit (Inspirit who are boys) also fighting”.

- A fan said she heard that Hoya’s sitcom will begin to be aired from June 20th and Hoya was like “Is it ?”, “I dont know” (~.~ your sitcom and you dont know)

- A fan was like “Hoya oppa, I lke you” and Hoya was like “I like you more” and fans were all like “me ?”, “you mean me ?” and Hoya was like “you too” and “you too”.

- A fan said she heard that there will be kiss scene between Hoya & A-pink’s Eunji in the sitcom and she asked Hoya whether it’s true or not and Hoya was like “There is nothing like that!” and she was like “really, I will cry if I get to know you has kiss scene” and then Hoya said “But there might be in the future ~” and she was like “Huh…” and in the end Hoya was like “I’m just joking kekeke”.

- Hoya said he’s better than everybody at taking care of his health and he said he’s busy now so he cant work out/exercise that often.

- A fan asked him the reason why he likes the purple color that much and he said recently he’s kind of getting bored with purple, but he said he changed his hair color from purple to black because of the sitcom, not because he doesnt like purple as much as before. A fan then asked him which color he wants for his hair and he said “Rainbow colors”

-  LMAO, and then fans asked him to call their names and Hoya was like “Youngin-ah”, “Hwain-ah”, “Soojin-ah”….and he did call all every names of fans who were in the chatroom then.

- A fan asked him whether Infinite will go to the Expo or not and he was like “Expo ?”, “I dont know our schedules that well” (~.~”)

- Fans asked him to do aegyo and he was like “Ho-ing ho-ing” (his version of “bbuing bbuing”).

- A fan asked him if he uses Iphone or not and he said he doesnt use Iphone, he uses “eoreun-phone” (This is Hoya’s word-playing, in Korea Iphone is “아이폰”, “아이” which is pronounced as “I” means “kid” while “eoreun-phone” (어른폰), “어른” (eoreun) means “young”).

- A fan asked what time he often goes to bed and he answered it’s past midnight.

- Then it’s his turn to asked fans question, the 1st question is whether fans like this time The chaser’s performances or not and all of them said yes.

- A fan asked him how much he loves Inspirit and he said “I love Inspirit as much as I love my Mom”.

- Hoya said he doesnt know which is the following song after “The chaser”.

- A fan said Hoya has a killing jawline (means his jawline is so sexy/nice) and he was like “I indeed have a killing jawline” and all the fans were like “yes, you do”..then a fan was like “you’re too narcissistic” and he was like “(who said I’m) narcissistic, come out”, “who are you”.

- Hoya asked fans which solo activity they want him to do and a fan said “Latin” (refer to the KBS show where Infinite danced with Rainbow), Hoya was like “…..Latin ?” and the fans said if he does that, he can become “Ho-Latin” in which he said “Dont like it”.

- So fans started to ask him whether he knows all the nickname they gave him and he said he knows all of them and he will make one on his own and it’s “ho-ing ho-ing”, he said he will do that aegyo next time when the fans come to their performance.

- He said he still has work to do so he will answer 3 more questions and he said he will let fans whose nickname has the syllable “Ho” (his name) asked him questions and it ended up having 4 fans among 20 fans.

- A fan asked him which girl group he likes and he said it’s Fin.K.L

- And then Hoya really had to go so he was like “So everybody goodbye”, “I’m sorry that I cant answer all of your questions”, “Please be understanding”, “I love you”, “Goodbye”, “Bye”.

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