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Dazed & Confused Magazine May 2013
  • Q:What could you not do even if you were given 10 billion wons?
  • Sungjong:Raising spiders. If you force me to touch them I can do it, but I cant raise spiders. Although I like animals, even reptiles but I'm scared of spider

13.04.11 - SBS Cultwo show radio
  • Cultwo:the msg "I saw Sungjong rode the "Disco Pang Pang" at Wolmi theme park"...when did you ride that?
  • Sungjong:I came to the place where L hyung filmed K.Will's MV to play...since I really want to ride it so we ride it together

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High cut Magazine Vol.99’s reporter ment

"L who brought along his Leica camera to the studio and taking photos of this and that but then he borrowed the camera which the photographer used for the photoshoot….L’s expression while holding the camera in hands and taking individual shots of Sungjong is quite serious, although this kind of situation is sort of funny to Sungjong but he still obediently poses for him while getting busy with eating this and that snack. Then L very concentrates on choosing among the photos he took of Sungjong to have some ‘rare cuts’ to feature in the magazine"

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10.11.29 - SBS Heechul's Youngstreet
  • Sunggyu:I really miss Heechul-hyung (last week Heechul was busy so Kyuhyun replaced him to be DJ for a day)
  • Dalmatian's Jisoo:But last week when Kyuhyun's here Sunggyu-sshi kept saying "Kyuhyun sunbaenim I love you" to him
  • Sungjong:Yeah, he was really like that
  • Sunggyu:Yah, what are you...
  • Heechul:Ah it's alright...since Infinite have many members so if it's not Sunggyu I can still invite other members
  • Heechul:So Sunggyu-sshi please get ready to go to your vain (and leave this show)
  • Sungjong:Yeah please get ready
  • Heechul:So Sungjong-sshi how about you?
  • Sungjong:Me?....Today?
  • Heechul:No, about last week...did Kyuhyun do well?
  • Sungjong:Ah yes, he did very well...
  • Heechul:Ah so Sungjong-sshi and Sunggyu-sshi, both of you please get ready to leave
  • Sungjong:But I really miss Heechul-sunsaengnim...
  • Heechul:Sunsaengnim?
  • Sungjong:Ah no no no, Heechul-sunbaenim..

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10.10.15 - MBC Park Kyunglim's Byulbam radio
  • Sungjong:I remember watching the drama <Stairway to Heaven> with my Mom and cried a lot just like her

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10.09.17 - MBC Park Kyunglim's Byulbam radio
  • Woohyun:There was a time I had a girlfriend and everyday I kept telling how about what I had done for her, what I had bought her, and what I'd do for her in front of my Mom. I kept telling her those things and she seemed to be jealous with my girlfriend

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10.09.30 - MBC Park Kyunglim's Byulbam radio
  • PKL:Sungyeol, do u often monitor the other members' activities?
  • SY:Uhm I also have my own activities so...
  • PKL:But the other members said you dont have any individual schedules
  • SY:Ah...ah ...ah...I just say it to protect my pride =.=
  • DW:Hahahaha so what is your individual schedules?
  • SY:Uhm...practicing and taking care of my health... -.-

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10.09.30 - MBC Park Kyunglim's Byulbam radio
  • Sungyeol (about Woohyun):I'm often lacking of socks so I came to him (WH) to borrow one but then Dongwoo-hyung also was like "Can I borrow this pair of socks?" and Woohyun ended up giving it to DW instead of me

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13.04.10 - SBS Jung Sunhee’s A nite like tonite radio

Since Myungsoo is in charge of being ‘cool’ in Infinite when they’ve just debuted he wasnt allowed to smile, taking off his jacket or shoes (to maintain his cool image). Once in a shop he took off his shoes so manager Jungryul took it as an excuse to punish all the members. They said Myungsoo get stressed a lot being a member of Infinite then Sunhee asked him how he relieves the stress and Myungsoo said he feels good seeing the other members smiling

13.04.10 - MBC Muzie's Best friend radio
  • Q:The reason why L takes a lot of photos of Sungjong only? 1. Cuz SJ is the closest member 2. Cuz SJ is the easiest member 3. SJ's photos are those who come out the best among the member
  • Myungsoo:It's 3. Cuz his photos are those come out the best. He's the one looks like a celebrity the most in real life. We have to do a lot about our look but this friend doesnt do anything cuz his skin is so nice...yeah his skin is very nice
  • Muzie:Do you know that L takes a lot of photos of you?
  • Sungjong:Yeah I know.
  • Muzie:So you can look at him and pose naturally?
  • Sungjong:Yeah I sometimes pose for him, with my best expression and angle...but sometimes I know that he takes my photos without my knowing

13.04.10 - MBC Muzie’s Best friend radio

Sunggyu “Once we joked about how we are when we’re lying…my nose flare when I lie, woohyun’s eyes will open wide when he lies, hoya’s lips will twitch a lot when he lies and in case of sungjong he extends his philtrum when he lies..after saying that his mood went bad and we all had to say sorry to him”

Hoya “He even said to us then ‘Please act properly’ “

13.04.10 - MBC Muzie's Best friend radio
  • Sunggyu:Once during the filming Sungjong's mood went bad and we all knew we have to stay away from him. So Hoya went to another room, L sat quietly on his chair and monitoring and I went to the WC

13.04.10 - MBC Muzie’s Best friend radio

Q: Which type of girls does Sungjong dislike more? 1.girls who talk a lot 2.girls who doesnt spend money/doesnt pay

Hoya: it’s 2. Before moving into a new dorm I had shared a room with SJ. So after we practicing and return to the dorm, we’re all hungry so we went out and eat snacks. When we were still trainees since I’m hyung so I paid all the times, but about 1 year go since we all could earn some money already so we agreed to share the bills. This time I pay next time SJ pays…But everytime it comes to the paying part Sungjong would open his wallets in a very slow motion then I find his action so cute so I will just pay for him

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10.09.24 - Byulbam’s skit - Sungjong’s scream cut

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11.04.11 - Jung Sunhee’s A night like tonite radio - Sunggyu sang Jay Sean’s Maybe